[WARNING MASSIVE SPOILERS FOLLOW THIS POST] Here i will go over what I consider the Top five Saddest LotGH Deaths of the entire series. If you have not watched the entire series, do not rad this list (unless you do not care about spoilers, then whatever go ahead and read). NUMBER EIGHT: Rear Admiral Hans […]

Star Wars: Rogue One

[MASSIVE SPOILERS BELOW] Let me preface this post with what I know about Star Wars: The 7 (now 8) live-action movies, and the animated Clone Wars series that was on Cartoon Network.  So, I’m technically knowledgeable on the new-EU canon, but in terms of the legacy canon, not so much. The previews and the pre-release […]

Kircheis – Introduction

I’m here to write game reviews and some small opinion articles from time to time. I’ve been playing video games since I was five, and I haven’t stopped enjoying them. I mostly play RPGs and grand strategy games. My tastes in video games are very broad and I often find it hard to nail down a […]


Hello, brave new world, this is Star. I’m a nerdy kid who would like to share my nerdy thoughts. I look forward to a great time with all of you. This will doubtlessly be fun.