Here i will go over what I consider the Top five Saddest LotGH Deaths of the entire series. If you have not watched the entire series, do not rad this list (unless you do not care about spoilers, then whatever go ahead and read).

NUMBER EIGHT: Rear Admiral Hans Eduard Bergengrun


This poor bastard served under two exceptional admirals, and his reward for his loyalty? Two dead admirals, and of course, the fact that he was part of Reuntal’s rebellion.  Suicide may have been drastic, but to live your life in the shadow of greatness, and to witness them be taken from this life, you can’t help but feel life just ain’t worth living. [dry eyes]

NUMBER SEVEN: Fleet Admiral Cornelius Lutz


Recently married, having had lost Iserlohn Fortress hanging on his record, this man was already a mix of emotions.  Now take into account he is helping Kaiser Reinhard escape from an assassination attempt and stays behind to ensure his safe retreat while taking multiple bullets before finally falling. [dry eyes]

NUMBER SIX: Fleet Admiral Paul von Oberstein


Always hated and never truly trusted, this man died with no friends, not even his fellow admirals witnessed his final moments. He died defending the Kaiser, and his final thoughts were of his dog being fed his favorite treat of chicken meat. His work was invaluable, and even by sacrificing himself, most people probably won’t care. [dry eyes]

NUMBER FIVE: Fleet Admiral Siegfried Kircheis


Reinhard’s greatest friend, one of the greatest admirals in the entire Imperial fleet, and he dies by the hand of some piece of shit assassin who attempted to kill Reinhard under false pretenses. Reinhard’s childhood friend, his greatest comrade, gave his life so that Reinhard may achieve his goal, so Reinhard could seize the universe. [dry eyes]

NUMBER FOUR: Kaiser Reinhard von Lohengramm


Surrounded by his friends and family, and having multiple episodes basically laying out the fact that he is on his deathbed, his death was not only not a shock, but it was the “best” death of any character.  So why is it so sad? Because you witnessed the light of the universe be extinguished.  [misty eyed]

NUMBER THREE: Fleet Admiral Oskar von Reuental


Reuental was always hinting at a possible insurrection, but to be thrust into it by the hands of Phezzan was tragic enough.  To be defeated by his closest friend, and then forced to retreat to the capital of a conquered people and not even his home was bad enough. Add in the fact his ex-lover came to him with the child he never wanted to see was salt in the wounds.  His murder (justified) of Job Trunicht showed his true feelings of not only the Kaiser, but of people like Job. But, what made this death so tragic was how he kept himself alive as long as possible so he could have one final drink with his friend Mittenmeyer.  The tragedy being he died just before Mittenmeyer reached him, and watching Mittenmeyer drape the Golden Lion over him sealed the deal, tears were formed.  [misty eyed]

NUMBER TWO: Fleet Admiral Alexandre Bucock


Forced out of retirement when Reinhard invaded the Free Planet Alliance.  His sense of duty and loyalty unmatched by any who lived in the galaxy.  A man with immeasurable experience, he led a suicidal defense against the largest fleet ever assembled. When offered the chance to surrender, he politely refused and gave a toast. Every man that came with him, died with him. Out of sheer respect for the man he was, Reinhard ordered all Imperial Officers to salute the wreckage that had once been Bucock’s flagship. [misty eyed]

NUMBER ONE:  Fleet Admiral Yang Wen-Li


I don’t know what to say other than I always rooted for Reinhard over Yang. It wasn’t until Yang died that I really began to not only miss his character, but understand his character and how important he was.  His death was a pathetic death for a man of his talents.  Assassinated by lunatic cultists on his way to entreat with Kaiser Reinhard.  Although Julian Minci and the Rosenritters came after him, they were too late.  The Magician lay dead. His final words were brutal, and too hard on himself. I shed tears at this scene. No death in fiction has hit me as hard as his. It was so impactful, that the follow up episode with his funeral made me shed tears once again.  He just wanted to retire with his wife and read his history.

Thank you for reading. Let me know what you would change/add/remove.

“I’m sorry, Frederica. I’m sorry, Julian. I’m sorry, everybody.”

-Yang Wen-Li


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