The Forseti

This blog will serve as my flagship for all my content too long to blog on Twitter dot com.

It’s mostly just going to be about nerd stuff like Legends of the Galactic Heroes and Wheel of Time. It will not necessarily be reviews, but analysis of characters and plot lines.  Something to the effect of describing the dichotomy of autocracy and democracy as seen in LotGH.

I’ll also do reviews and stuff too.  This will not be some “everything in the real world can only be understood through Harry Potter” bull either.  I know who I am and what this is all about.

I hope you enjoy.

-Neidhart Kesler

p.s. “The Forseti” gets its name from Ulrich Kesler’s flagship in Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

p.p.s I know that is a pic of Neidhart Mueller; now you understand my name